Mon, Mar 04 24 09:30 am IDT
Mon, Mar 04 24 09:30 am
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Marketing Challengers  Do, Succeed, Share, Repeat.

Leading B2B tech marketers spill the beans on what’s working, and what’s not.

In person, in Tel Aviv on March 4th, 9:30 am

The important stuff

Q1 2024 getting you down? Not for long! We’re bringing together the tech industry’s finest marketers to share from their experience where you should be investing your efforts and marketing Dollars. Save yourself from wild marketing goose chases!

This is an invite only event with limited places so please RSVP. We look forward to welcoming you.

Alon Tower 1,
3rd floor, THe Auditorium
94 Yigal Alon St. Tel Aviv

Who’s speaking

Elad Hefetz

CEO, Airfleet

Billy Cina portrait image

Billy Cina

Managing Partner, Envy

Merav Keren

Merav Keren

VP Corporate & Field Marketing, Cato Networks

Amit Bivas

Amit Bivas

Global Marketing Executive

Lisa Bennet

Lisa Bennett

CMO, Kaltura

Maya dror

Maya Dror Melamed

VP Marketing, ByondXR

The drill

9:30 am – 12:00 pm

Breakfast & mingling in one of Tel-Aviv’s finest venues

from: 9:30 – 10:00am

Session 1

How to build a brand that performs

Do you struggle with allocating budget to brand versus spending every penny on demand? Well, you’re definitely not alone! Hear how the marketing team at Kaltura constantly invests in brandformance!
From squeezing brand to the max for every paid campaign, to events, and even launching a new homepage – we’ll dive into how to never lose sight of brand, while making sure to stay focused on the bottom line!

Elad Hefetz, CEO, Airfleet

Lisa Bennett, CMO, Kaltura

Session 2

From Company objectives to marketing planning

What is your CEO looking to see? You know the drill – you’re handed the company objectives to quadruple opportunities in the pipeline, reduce churn by 20%, and recruit at least 10 new (global) partners, without the budget increase you planned. Grab Merav’s framework to adopt and nurture as your own.

Merav Keren, Vice President, Corporate & Field Marketing, Cato Networks

Session 3

Start-up marketing: Showing impact on a lean budget

You’re the Marketing Lead at a small up and coming startup. Your team and budgets are modest but management’s expectations are grand. Sound familiar? Maya and Billy are going to dish out their do’s and don’ts. What you should start doing, what you should postpone and how to demonstrate that you’re on the right track.

Billy Cina, Managing Partner, Envy

Maya Dror Melamed, VP Marketing, ByondXR

Session 4

B2B Marketing: Roles, Responsibilities and Areas of Impact

In this keynote, Amit Bivas, an experienced global SaaS marketing executive, will go back to the basics. Amit will discuss the stuff you already know. That stuff that’s probably not so front-of-mind anymore. That stuff you might’ve already forgotten.

Getting back to the basics will create an aha moment. That aha moment that usually creates fertile ground for creative, value-generating ideas that can become value-generating programs tomorrow.

Amit Bivas, Global Marketing Executive

Invite only, RSVP

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Be ALL, 

Alon Tower 1, 

3rd floor, THe Auditorium

94 Yigal Alon St. Tel Aviv

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