Mon, Mar 04 24 09:30 am IDT
Mon, Mar 04 24 09:30 am
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The Big Marketing Kickoff: Nailing Growth in 2024

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The important stuff

The much anticipated Q1 2024 is finally around the corner and while we always make time for testing, it’s time to hit the ground running.
We’ll be in one of Tel-Aviv’s coolest venues learning from B2B tech marketing professionals about what they’re doing to get qualified leads through the proverbial door.

This is an invite only event with limited places so please RSVP. We look forward to welcoming you.

Who’s speaking
Elad Hefetz portrait image

Elad Hefetz

CEO, Airfleet

Billy Cina portrait image

Billy Cina

Managing Partner, Envy

David Geffen

VP Product Marketing, Glassbox

Oren Hacohen

Head of Growth,

Maayan Sella

VP Demand Generation, Pentera

Ehud Ben Haim

Head of LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, Israel

The drill

Breakfast & mingling in one of Tel-Aviv’s finest venues

Session 1

Websites Optimizations To Hit Your 2024 Targets

Your website is not any other channel. It’s the hub to support all of your other channels, so an un-optimized website impacts ALL of your marketing efforts. With a few optimizations, your website can support more conversions across the entire funnel, and help your visitors become opportunities.

Elad Hefetz, CEO, Airfleet

Session 2

WINN’s 2023 Growth Takeaways

“I love filling out the CRM,” says absolutely no salesperson. Ever.
Hear the deets on WINN’s journey, complete with wild marketing adventures, including a gifting campaign that took the internet by storm. This talk will be candid and fast-paced, covering the highs and unexpected twists that defined WINN’s unforgettable year.

Oren Hacohen, Head of Growth,

Session 3

Shaking Things Up in 2024

You probably noticed that 2023 was a year like no other. Hear how Pentera evolved its marketing approach and campaigns to achieve its objectives. It’s time to dig deep into your funnel and pull out the smart user acquisition maneuvers. If you’re already running Google, LinkedIn, X, Influ2 campaigns, these tips will make all the difference to 2024 results.

Billy Cina, Managing Partner, Envy

Maayan Sella, VP Demand Generation, Pentera

Session 4

What you can expect from LinkedIn in 2024

In this session, Ehud will provide us with a behind-the-scenes peek into the hot ticket items (features) on LinkedIn in 2023 and what’s coming next in 2024. Get the notepads ready.

Ehud Ben Haim, Head of LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, Israel

Session 5

B2B Marketing Quick Wins for 2024

Using insights to deliver a better customer experience. Sounds pretty generic, right? Well, you’re not wrong. So how does Glassbox manage to differentiate itself and turn its marketing into a user acquisition magnet?

David Geffen, VP Product Marketing, Glassbox